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Microsoft abandons Vista name, welcome Windows 7

After Windows 2002 being named XP and Windows 6 becoming Vista, I thought Microsoft was thoroughly lost in the world of consumer naming.
But luckily, the company decided to do a U-turn on naming convention and Windows 7 will become known as – “Windows 7”. In a newsletter send to members of partnering community, Microsoft stated that on PDC 2008 conference in Los Angeles, the company will give out pre-beta versions of their new operating system, “Windows 7”.

Welcome Windows 7

Welcome Windows 7

This name was confirmed by Mike Nash, VP for Windows Product Management. You can read more on TG Daily.

  • …will also receive a 160 GB drive… – yeah, like getting your hands on Windows 7 pre-beta ain’t cool enough 🙂

  • Well, that’s standard “goodie bag” gadgetery… Sadly, without a publication, I could not get in. But I am looking forward visiting PDC 2009 with my staffers… there is a new dawn coming.

    And in 2009, I am hoping to get the real thing, not a pre-beta version 😉