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Looking forward to Left 4 Dead

I just got news from Doug Lombardi that Left 4 Dead is available for pre-purchase. All that I can say is – YES!!!
It’s been a while since we saw a good co-op game that will shake up small LAN parties (such as office brawls), and this game has everything that’s needed. I had the opportunity to play the game at this years’ E3 Summit in Los Angeles, and honestly – I was delighted. The game has everything that’s needed to be great: it is fun, fast-paced, survival horror themed game.
Of course, Left 4 Dead has single player and multiplayer modes, but the real deal is co-op. Team has to work together and cover each other, otherwise you’re toast.

The official release is November 18 in North America and November 21 in Europe. Of course, if you buy the game via steam, it will be available on Nov. 18, so there is additional incentive for Europeans to buy the game via Valve’s own distribution platform. The pre-order comes at 10% off regular price ($44.95), and that is visible in the fact that the pre-orders are 65% higher than for Orange Box.

This is one game I am eagerly waiting for. Second one is Fallout 3.