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UPDATE: EVGA to launch Intel X58 motherboards

When it comes to add-in board vendors, EVGA is probably the most faithful company in the business. Ever since the company launched, Nvidia was the only name EVGA wanted to hear about. But, things are about to change.
Here are the facts:
1)    EVGA does not want to miss the Core i7 train
2)    Nvidia is not making a chipset for Intel Core i7
3)    EVGA poached excellent engineering team from now-defunct EPoX and does not want that team to do nothing until MCP8-series show up
Well, those facts end with a really simple result. EVGA is preparing to launch its first non-Nvidia based motherboard, but it will still have Nvidia chips on it. You’ve guessed it right – X58+nForce 200 bridges for full Triple-SLI capability.

EVGA's first non-Nvidia chipset based motherboard. Note that all SATA ports are angled, so even three GPUs won't limit your storage capabilities

EVGA's first non-nV-based motherboard - all SATA connectors are angled, so your storage expansion is not limited even with 3-Way SLI. Good move.

The motherboard is being designed by ex-EPoX engineering team, bringing plentiful of overclocking capabilities, Digital PWM, and fully solid-state caps across the board. Special attention is being given to providing top juice to graphics cards, so if you decide to go for the gold and grab 3-SLI setup with three water-cooled GTX270 boards, be our guest.
But, that is not all. This is the first motherboard, which will be followed by ultimate motherboard for this Christmas, no questions asked. The enthusiast motherboard is actually being designed by a world class overclocker. Yes, the one and only Peter Tan a.k.a. Shamino, who is making “Shamino special”.

For those unaware – Brian Flood from Mushkin, Shamino, Kinc and I share a special connection. According to German police, we all had the honor of dying and resurrecting. Last year, we were all pronounced “missing presumably dead” when some east-German thieves stole helluwa stuff from our brand new VW Passat Variant, en route to the airport. Well, VW is one car I will *never* buy. Piece of alarm-unsecured junk.
Getting back to the subject, EVGA is bringing several things to high-end X58 market that nobody has. First of all, the company will offer limited lifetime warranty (just as with all of their high-end products) and yes, 90-day Step up program.
If that is not making ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and other motherboard makers sweat, we don’t know what will. Lifetime warranty on a motherboard? Free upgrade program? Bloody hell, I am buying that one.

UPDATED: Inserted picture of the motherboard. Courtesy of XtremeSystems forums.