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World, meet Nehalem e.g. Core i7 965 pixellated

This coming monday (Nov 3rd), Intel will officially unveil Core i7 line-up. The line-up is consisted out of i7 920, 940 and 965, which will retail as the “Extreme Edition” and feature a lot of overclocking-friendly technologies.
I’ve just received word that a buddy of mine got his Core i7 in Croatia. He and decided to assemble a system for ultimate gaming and Photoshop action. The system will be consisted out of Core i7 Extreme 965, Corsair DDR3 memory kit, ASUS Rampage II Formula motherboard and EVGA GeForce GTX280.
But for starters, this is his majesty, Core i7 965, formerly known as Nehalem:

The King is dead, long live the king

The King is dead, long live the king

Also, this is a short gallery (pictures are 1024 pixel wide) of the stuff he is using right now – have to admit, motherboard looks like a really good one. CrossFire and SLI support in one place – one has to ask what kind of politics kept this for so long.

Now, AMD has a mountain to climb with its upcoming 45nm Deneb processors. I wish them all the best, since my main gaming rig will continue to be AMD-powered, with a hope of replacing Phenom 9950BE with the 45nm one. My workstation will continue to be Intel powered, with QX6800, until I get my hands on these babies.