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Deneb set to launch end of November, again in Channel

Roughly a year after the debut of AMD’s Spider platform, 45nm processors are coming in the frame. Under codename Deneb (Phenom) and Shanghai (Opteron), these babies are starting to appear from thin air.
We’ve received word that the new Phenom is again repeating the history of original Phenom, and that is launching too late for major system design wins from the likes such as Dell, HP and others.
So, AMD is going to launch Deneb in channel first, and you can expect those Black Edition processors appearing out of thin air. Overclocking results are really promising, and on 790 boards with SB750 Southbridge, you can expect 3.4-3.6 GHz on air. All in all, quite good – but still, too late to challenge Intel for performance crown.
I expect that Deneb will beat Core 2 Quad, but the product is coming to market six months later than original announcement (45nm was supposed to debut in summer of 2008, according to statements made by Dirk Meyer and Hector Ruiz in their previous conference calls), and it is coming after Intel released its Core i7 machinery.
But still, I expect good performance boost for AMD.