OCZ’s 3rd generation SSD is a marvel

“They” say 3rd time is a charm. If you ask OCZ, you couldn’t be more right. The company was toying around SSD world for quite some time, but pictures from legendary Akihabara now confirm that
OCZ scored a pot of gold.
With their V3 line of MLC (not SLC!) disks, OCZ now offers read speeds of 235.1 MB/s, while write speed is set at 160.8 MB/s. This absolutely demolishes SATA-I standard and is very close to exceeding SATA-II specifications. But the clock does not stop there – random read is massive 102.1 MB/s, with random write being the only disappointment: 23.5 MB/s. First three scores easily outpace almost every hard drive on the market (15K RPM drives have higher specs, at a cost of thermals), but this is without a doubt, a hard drive your desktop or notebook is dreaming about.
It will be interesting to see can OCZ bring it up to market in higher volume and at a good price – or not. But one thing is certain – SSDs are set to rule the world, like them or not.
“Some” might add: finally.