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UPDATE: Over 7000 iPhones sold in Croatia on Day One

iPhone debuted in Croatia today, and became an instant hit with more than 7000 devices sold in first 8 hours of being on the street.
Now, if you had any perception about Croatia being a “country in development”, “emerging market”, “people eat food from cans” (quite popular assumption from my former british colleagues… even though their cuisine was pretty pathetic), think again.
Prices for the iPhone 3G range from 25 cents to over $800, depending on your subscription model. Yes, you can buy the iPhone 3G for measily 25 cents, not a typo. But, only if you want to pay monthly subscription of $100, that is.


One of T-Mobile stores in the center of Zagreb...and my Bold 🙂

What about me? Well, I am perfectly happy with my Blackberry 9000 Bold. It comes with better compatibility with downloaded movies (divx, xvid) out of the box, does not require iTunes to work, works as a voice recorder and of course, has equally sucky battery life as the iPhone 3G. Plus, it came with best possible price – RMA for my dead 8700g.

UPDATE: A friend of mine contacted me and informed me that iPhone 3G 8GB is available at 25 cents if you subscribe to i500 option, e.g. 500 kunas a month (roughly 90 USD). My first information was that 25 cent option is available only in Team 1500 packets (business users, $300/mth), but I was wrong. I wish to thank Christian for this update. You can view the pricing for private users here.