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UPDATED: Folding@Home Challenge 2008

November 13, 2008 is the day I will remember for two things: Firstly, this blog clocked one month of existence and my F@H team passed the two million points mark.
In the last 30 days, this site was visited 13,150 times (at the time of writing), and showing almost exponential growth. I’ve received a lot of your suggestions and thoughts – I will do my best to improve the site, but bear in mind that this site is a side project, while “the big thing” is taking shape (and taking almost all of my time). It will take some time to get it to life, but expect exciting 2009.
Now, here comes the sweet part of this post: the only thing I wanted to do in my life is to create a positive movement, positive spirit amongst the people I work with and people who read/play the projects I worked on. Thus, with great amount of enthusiasm I am announcing the following:

PALIT Multimedia Folding@Home Challenge 2008

(Yes, I know it’s a long name, sorry ;))

I’ve set up a page on this blog that has all the details about the challenge, and I invite you to join in.
The awards are (hopefully) tempting – Palit GeForce GTX280 board signed by no other than Jen-Hsun Huang, triple-C of nVIDIA Corporation (Co-founder, Chairman, CEO) and 10 licenses of 3DMarkVantage Advanced Edition. There are no territorial limits, so you can join in from anywhere 😉

I want to express my gratitude to David Makin from PALIT Multimedia North America, Oliver Baltuch, President of Futuremark Corporation and Andrew Humber from nVIDIA Corporation. More details about the contest are available on the link above – or just click here.

UPDATE: No, I am not competing for the board. I was asked this in couple of e-mails, and to make matters clear I’ve updated the rules as well.

  • Great work Theo! I will definitely join your F@H group, unfortunately ATM my system has 7900GT card, but I hope that GTA IV will force me to upgrade it 🙂

  • 404 for me when I click on either link

  • Apologies, I’ve fixed the links… one letter typo 😉

  • Theo,zahvaljujuci tvojoj donaciji i dobrom Borisu pocinjemo raditi punom parom sa “MightyTux”-om kojeg mozes vidjeti na mom blogu,Puno hvala.Joza

  • Nema problema, sve je to u dobre svrhe 😉

  • Do not spam other peoples site for your own benefit. EVGA already has there own team and has already awarded over $6,000 in GPUs to random folders on there team 111065.

    Join Team Number 111065 It is set right now with ONLY 300 active users to hit #9th best ranked in the world.

  • Excuse me?

    For starters, I am not a member of EVGA forums, thus I don’t know how could I “spam” your forum. The news were probably posted by a reader of my blog and a member of EVGA forums. In which case, that reader has my gratitude. It is good to spread the good word around.

    When it comes to this competition, I am giving away “just” around $600 of valuable prizes, if you put a MSRP price tag on a GTX280 card and 3DMarkVantage licenses. However, the card is signed by Jen-Hsun, so I think it is an invaluable item.

    Now, to make matters clear. I am not a company, but rather an individual that is making a giveaway for my own F@H team. On this blog, you’re talking to one guy. I am not a company that can expense those donations (EVGA is a manufacturer of its own products, thus those GPUs probably come from mkt budget – and that is truly commendable expense), but rather a person that spent a lot of fuel to make meetings in Bay area and come up with something like this.

    I think that EVGA is doing greatly with all the giveaways, but this competition is a “thank you” for my newly found readers.

    Palit, Futuremark and Nvidia helped me out a great deal, and I am glad to see people joining in. However, team 69864 existed before this contest, and it will exist after the contest ends. I welcome all of the potential members in it, but I am not going to go around and spam forums with this giveaway. If you want to join and perhaps win an GTX280 signed by Jen-Hsun or a copy of 3DMarkVantage Advanced, you’re more than welcomed.

    If not, then I wish good luck with folding. May your team take good friends at HardOCP from the #1 spot with 500 users – and I wish you all the best. But don’t try to be exclusive and think that everyone is out to get you. This is a site about the bright side, not the dark one.

    Have a good one,


  • Well I am sorry for jumping all over you but maybe you should ask your team member not to pretend to be you and post with your name spamming sites. You may get some very uncouth responses worse than mine if they are doing it on your behalf.

    Before the mods delete it Ill quote it:

    New Member

    Posts: 1

    I write a blog, Theo’s Bright Side Of IT, devoted to computer hardware news, and I’d like to announce my Folding@Home Challenge 2008. It’s a friendly competition to produce a lot of science.

    We have prizes! The first place winner receives a GeForce GTX280 board signed by no other than Jen-Hsun Huang, triple-C of nVIDIA Corporation (Co-founder, Chairman, CEO). 10 runners-up will receive a license for 3DMarkVantage: Advanced Edition.

    The rules are pretty simple:

    * In order to enter the competition, no purchase is necessary. You’ll be automatically entered in the challenge if you become a member of team 69864 (Theo’s Bright Side of IT) and send an e-mail to with your chosen (if you’re using a nick, please register with both nick and real name) and country. No address is necessary until the end of the contest and you receive information with information that you’ve won something :-).
    * Starting on Saturday, Nov 15 at 00:00 UTC (PT -8, CET +1, China Standard +7), every member of Folding@Home team #69864 will be followed through 30 days
    * On Monday, December 15 2008 at 00:00 UTC, we will stop logging the members. Person who has the highest number of F@H points will receive the first prize, followed by others.
    * In case we have more first placed members, the award goes to the member who folded more work units.
    * Only results submitted and accepted by F@H project at Stanford University will be acknowledged, no off-line runs are allowed
    * This competition will not log previous points or WUs. We will only calculate points between Nov 15 and Dec 15.
    * Faced with numerous giveaways that were limited to “USA and Canada Only”, we decided to do something different. Thus, there are no territorial limitations from where are you coming from, We will ship the prizes to Antarctica, if necessary. Only limitation is that a courier service exists in that country.
    * We will do our best in order to deliver the awards by Christmas.
    * But we cannot guarantee it (many weird things can happen – but you will receive your prize)

    More details are available at my blog!

  • This is very, very serious matter.
    It is one thing to post with good intentions, impersonating an individual is another.

    Whoever did this, took my identity, made a grave mistake. You can see that English speaking skills in the non-quoted section were not exactly good…

    I am going to contact EVGA modders immediately. This was not done through any of my e-mail addresses, and I want to see that address.

    Thanks for clarifying, I would not be aware of this issue at all.

    All the best,


  • Why not a GTX290? 😀

  • Because the board was signed last week 😉 they don’t have anything more than prototype boards, MP only started week ago. It takes time 😉

  • No matter, it will be the best board around! BTW, is the board itself signed, or just the box? Or both?

  • As soon as the customs clear, I will publish the pictures of the board itself. Probably this week, or by next Sunday’s update.

    The board itself is signed by Jen-Hsun… probably with a green metallic marker 😉

  • Eyvind Niklasson

    Umm, i signed up a little late (at about 12:00 on the 15th), and I sent an email. Could you please check it! Thanks, and a GREAT contest!

  • No worries, you’ll be included in the first week overview… everyone who joins is welcomed.