Jannard and RED team getting ready to K.O. Sony, JVC, Canon…

If you read my articles on TG Daily, then you probably know that RED One camera and I have a relationship. It’s not exactly that One sleeps over at my house (that’s reserved for one blondie 😉, but the camera is a part of visual production revolution (alongside Quadro SDI and GPU-accelerated Premiere Pro).

The clock isn’t stopping there. In 10 hours time, Jim Jannard and RED team will announce more details about EPIC and Scarlet, 5K and 3K cameras that will set the world on fire in 2009. My assumption would be that RED will announce the availability dates and the performance of these cameras, but there might be something even bigger, as Jannard stated on forums. You can expect a massive price drop for both cameras, and vastly improved capabilities when compared to the parts Jannard announced earlier this year, at NAB in Las Vegas. It looks like RED has found the secret sauce to vastly increase the capabilities of their own sensor, while decreasing the price. If you’re wondering what LG Scarlet and RED Scarlet have in common, the answer is quite simple: the color red and lawsuit that RED filed against LG (for stealing Red’s trademark name). But on a bright side of things, I can’t wait for this 10 hours to pass.

So, head over to and wait…

  • jerrod

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