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Left 4 Dead available now: go, try or just buy

I’ve received word from Doug Lombardi that Valve officially released Left 4 Dead, brilliant survival shooter. I fell in love with the game at this years’ E3, when my team of four people came closest to getting alive from undead-infested building.
Those darn developers, we died roughly 10 seconds before mission’s end. But anyways, this game is not to be missed, and I would highly recommend that you check out Steam and download the demo. If you want to take my word on it, just buy it and enjoy. I am not going to do a massive review of the game and tell you all the marketing shenanigans gaming sites usually blabber about.
This game is fast-paced fun, especially bringing co-op multiplayer for the first time since Serious Sam – single-player is represented as well, but the feeling of “gotta get out” with three more companions is just… refreshing.
If you’re located in areas that are not called “North America”, you can get the game immediately through Steam, or wait until Nov 21, the official release date in retail. US and Canada got the game today. But Internet/Steam knows no borders ;).