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AMD Phenom II gets a price – less than $400!

After dropping the bombshell last week, more details about AMD’s exciting fight back are slowly coming to life. Several e-tailers decided to get under the limelight and listed pricing  of upcoming Phenom II processors.
As well all know, the Phenom II will be launched on the first day of CES 2009 (January 9, 2009), and the launch models are 920 (2.8 GHz) and 940 Black Edition (3.0 GHz). According to Australian website Austincomputers, the price of Phenom II 940 Black Edition is set at 532.40 Australian dollars (€264/US$342). It does not stop there – , Italian e-tailer who listed prices for both Phenom II 920 and 940. According to Italian store, price of 920 is set at 251 Euro, while 940 will set you back for 299 Euro.
As you probably know, Sales Tax/VAT in EUrozone is extremely high, in the range of 15%+. For instance, Croatia has 22% and that isn’t the highest on the continent. Thus, if we deduct VAT from that Italian store, we get following:

  • AMD Phenom II 940 Black = €245 = US$318
  • AMD Phenom II 920 = €205 = US$266

There you have it. Now, we can get clearer picture at the cost of upcoming 45nm processors from AMD. When you calculate the price of the rest of the platform, a cool but silent overclocking system for 4.0 GHz clock should probably be made of these components:

Overall, $840 without graphics, storage and the case. Not bad for a 4.0 GHz system. 😉