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Folding@Home Challenge stats now updated daily…

…following requests from my readers, I am now updating rankings on Palit’s Folding@Home challenge on daily basis. I’ll do my best to update the stats everyday around midnight european time (CET).

You can see who you need to outfold to win a signed GTX280 card by Jen-Hsun. As it stands right now, pole position is in the hands Francisc, of ex-editor of CHIP Magazine from Romania.

Want to check your position or join in? Head over here…

  • Linda Auxer

    How are synthetic retinoids use in medication creams able to fold and steer? How dangerous is this to the human body? What is the purpose? I know methylene blue is a drilling gas and used in these creams. I know zinc salts are used to make nano wires, belts and propellars. Isn’t it dangerous to a human body to put gases and wires that bind microorganisms like pseudomonas that binds to benzene and toulene? A camera can show these structures as well as cat scans, and it is horrifying.