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Best Black Friday deal is not a BF deal at all

Today Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day all around the world. True, I will be enjoying a thanksgiving turkey 6000 miles east of San Francisco, with my friends from US that decided to move to Croatia.

As every holiday turned into a shopping extravaganza, Thanksgiving Thursday is followed by Black Friday, when all stores make fireside deals in order to clear stock for Christmas. Honestly, I’ve seen my share of crazy deals, such as 52″ LCD TV from Sharp for $700 after Instant-Off (get’em!) at Best Buy, but if you’re strapped for cash, all those expensive items don’t mean a thing.

What is pure gold though, is Corsair 16, 32 and 64GB Flash Voyagers. You can get a 16GB stick for $20, 32GB one for $55 and 64 gigs for $125 – on Newegg. Go and search for Corsair USB and check out the sweet deals. Bear in mind that these sticks are not “blazing fast” GT models, but rather regular “blue pill” ones.