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Sunday Wrap-up: Congratulations to the Top 500 Team

Waking up on Sunday morning is a good feeling (generally ;-). But waking up, taking a shower, having a nice light breakfast and checking statistics that confirm that your Folding@Home team reached Top 500 spot is priceless, as a known credit card commercial would tell.

When I launched this F@H team, the goal was to reach Top 1000 by the end of 2008, and the goal for this blog was to reach 50,000 visitors by the end of very same calendar year. First goal was achieved with ease and the updated goal is reached even before December started – the goal for 2009 is to reach Top 100 teams, and there are no more goals in 2008. Readers-wise, the site was visited by 44,500 people so far, and the yearly goal seems reachable by the end of this coming week. Once again, I thank you for all the comments given, both positive and negative.

Blog-wise, I am a bit disappointed at myself – I didn’t file as much stories as I planned because the new site consumed almost all of my time. But, have no fear, for next week I did line up more than dozen stories, so you will get 2-3 stories a day. There are couple of reviews in the pipeline as well – Biohazard’s Triple-SLI powered Annihilation machine, Dragon Naturally Speaking 10, Corsair 16 and 32GB sticks, Fallout 3 Good vs. Bad… all good stuff. Given your interest in GDDR5 analysis, I decided to do a technical analysis a week, but I am still looking what technology to cover next. Core i7 architecture seems like a good theme, and there are some confusion surrounding around it.

The good news about the upcoming site is that we passed several major milestones, and there is impressive number of people that decided to join and fight The Good Fight, as Three-Dog Jackson would say (yes, another reference to Fallout 3).

Since our goal is to have integrity above all, the site abides with codes set by International Federation of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the plethora of articles coming from pens of these gifted authors. Our goal is to provide you top-quality content and offer you “old school meets new school” mixture between experience and enthusiasm. The site is going to be launched in time for one of upcoming trade-shows.

On the final note, I’ve redesigned the PALIT Folding Challenge 2008 contest page a bit – added a gallery that will be freshly updated as we pass different Folding@Home milestones.