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Nvidia 55nm GT206 reviewed, dramatic reduction in power consumption


A while ago, I wrote a piece stating that Nvidia decided to launch 55nm GT206 as Quadros first. The reason for that is the number of problems that Nvidia had in die-shrink process, so the company had to roll-out GT206 in the same way as its old NV30 (Quadro FX 2000 shipped before GeForce FX5800) or as AMD likes to launch its CPUs – commercial parts (Opteron) are launched first, followed by consumer ones (Phenom, Athlon, Turnmeon).

Thus, GT206 (G200 B Series – A series marked 65nm parts, B series denominates 55nm parts, G200 C series should mark the 40nm GPUs) debuted as Quadro CX, FX 4800 and FX 5800. Quadro CX and FX 4800 are essentially identical parts: 55nm GPU with 192 shaders (48 shaders and 6 dual-precision units are disabled for yield purposes) with 1.5 GB of GDDR3 memory, while FX 5800 features a combo of 55nm GPU and 4GB of GDDR3 memory.


55nm vs. 65nm parts, with power consumption and all...

55nm vs. 65nm parts, with power consumption and all...


Getting back on track with this story, the honor of being the first review of GT206 GPU belong to no other than 3D Professor. 3D Professor got his hands on Quadro FX 4800, part that was silently rolled out yesterday. In his review, the declared maximum power consumption was only 146 Watts. What makes the matters more important is the fact that this is a first high-end graphics card in three years to feature just one 6-pin power connector. It seems like the GPU manufacturers finally started to truly work on reducing the power consumption, while offering more and more performance.

We managed to get a screenshot from GPU-Z, but as you can see for yourself, GPU-Z does not correctly recognize Quadro FX 4800 and its 55nm GPU. The only numbers that correlate to Nvidia’s official product page are ones that talk about GPU clocks. What makes the situation interesting is that  Nvidia declares memory bandwidth at 76.8 GB/s, or 700 MHz DDR. In fact, 1.5 gigs of GDDR3 memory comes clocked at 800 MHz DDR (1.6 GT/s) and has 87.5 GB/s to play with. 

Well, more at 3D Professor’s page – enjoy in this world’s first review of Quadro FX 4800 and the first review of 55nm GPU from Nvidia. Bear in mind this is a professional review of professional card for professionals – which means no 3DMark score :-(. But PCMark score is here.