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New WordPress breaks FireFox… or not?

This Sunday was so nice in the Croatia – had a lot of fun with my friends, we watched “Zack and Miri make a porno” – if you haven’t seen it, you just have to. It is a hilarious indie-comedy about a couple that is not a couple… and you’ll have to watch it to see the rest of the story.

However, in the middle of watching the movie, my Blackberry rang (forgot to shut it down, my bad) with a question from a reader who claimed that he cannot access the site with Firefox. While I had no issues at all, I also received another e-mail from a reader that also could not access the site. I immedialtely pinged my friends who use Firefox, and received two problems and eight “no probs at all”… thus, it seems to be an issue on case-by-case basis.

Since I didn’t touch the blog at all, it seems that the massively hyped up change to WordPress 2.7 broke something in the process. While I had no issues with FireFox at all (for this blog, I am using FireFox, Chrome and Blackberry Browser), it seems that a limited number of readers may experience problems with any blog on WordPress while using FireFox. 

Thus, if you find any issues, don’t blame the author, rather forward the blame to the rendering engine 🙂

These tethering issues are a standard for any change in the software world, so update your Fiery-ferret to the last version, because my Fiery-ferret 3.0.4 had zero issues with WP 2.7. It might help, it might not.