Saturday Light Special: Merry Christmas


Upcoming week is a key week for all members of the press – Christmas press conference season is at its highest, with companies sending in more invitations than ever before.

Personally, I should appear on at least eight of them, which is not so nice in possible five nights between Monday and Friday. Yet, financial industry is still feeling terrible, and even a $700 billion bailout from the US Government wasn’t enough to help the mis-managed sector.

Well, to all the stockholders that believed their overpaid “wealth managers” when they said “buy GOOG at $520, it’ll hit $1000“, “buy AMD at $10, it’s a steal“, “GM will rebound with Volt, buy stocks at $25, they will hit $70“, here is a Christmas card coming from a former employee of one failed giant, buddy of mine.

The company didn’t exactly listened to him in the semiconductor sector, and they listened to their chief semico analyst, person who saw Intel at $100.

Anyway, merry Christmas (in advance).


P.S. Thanks X, you are a darling. Miss u, hon.