ANNOUNCEMENT: Winners of PALIT Folding Challenge 2008

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the winner of PALIT Folding Challenge 2008. This contest surprised me with great enthusiasm by fellow members, and I cannot say how happy I am to be in position to give something back. Without further adue, the winners of inaugural Folding Challenge are:

Francisc Kurko, Romania – PALIT GeForce GTX280 graphics card, signed by Jen-Hsun Huang

Winners of 3DMarkVantage retail licenses are:

Radu Neagu, Romania

Boris Romac, Croatia

Jonathan Worrel (Furious Fandango), United States of America

Ivan Faj, Croatia

Nikola Peruncic (McPingvin), Croatia

Chad Hudson (Dragoon1101), United States of America

Nenad Miodrag (nmiodrag), Croatia

Goran Gjura (spikeygoran), Croatia

Eyvind Niklasson, Sweden

Joza Habijan, Croatia

In the end, I wish to congratulate each and every one for competing in PALIT Folding Challenge 2008. I am pleasantly surprised at the effort placed by all members of this small team. Also, bear in mind that the new giveaway is already planned, and this time I will focus on giving as much prizes as possible, with several tweaks in the contest rules. Rest assured, everything that I do will be global, so no exclusions. Everybody is welcome in the group, and as the new site starts to grow, you can be sure there are plenty more surprises. For starters, we’ll make sure that we have a dedicated place for all folders on the site, in the form of site section and forum section.

All winners need to contact me at with their shipping address, so that I could organize shipping of prizes.

  • Boris

    Nice, card Francisko … cong…..

  • Eyvind

    Congratulations to everyone! Especially Fransisc. A great folding challenge and a merry Christmas to all!
    10th place isn’t bad on a home built computer, 1+ year old!

  • Eyvind

    ^ yeah boris tough luck, you were leading for a while 😛

  • Radu_Neagu_RO

    hey theo, can you sign the 3D Mark licences for us? that way they can have a simbolic meaning 🙂 i mean you were the one who organized this contest 🙂

  • coguar

    I think that the licenses go directly from California so, they can not be signed by Theo … (more reasons to come in Croatia) 😉

  • Gratz to the winners!

  • Well… I could do something with the licenses, it depends.. when US wakes up, I’ll talk with Oliver…

  • Congratulations to everyone in team,we are all the winners 🙂

  • Eyvind Niklasson

    So you submit anywhere? 🙂
    Even Cambodia?

  • Radu_Neagu_RO

    please do that it would be great to have them as a memory even though we would run the benchmark after each overclocking session to score more points in the folding process 🙂 congratulations to all of the team members

  • Looking forward to sending out the licenses.

    Also known as Hillie O’ in the contest 🙂

  • Actually Ollie, can you sign the licenses for the guys in the challenge?

    I think it would be weird for me if I would sign them, but I think that a signature from Futuremark’s president adds memorabilia value to the copies 😉

  • I’ll be glad to. Just send me the addresses.


  • Francisc

    Boris: thanks, it was a nice contest, I had tough night sometime, keeping stable some cards :).

    Keep up the fight against diseases and see you and Radu and all the rest of the folding tram around, for other cool stuffs 🙂

    Theo, once again, keep writing about good, nice things!

  • Radu_Neagu_RO

    Hello there. How’s it going Theo? R u ok? What is happening with the licences? 🙂 sorry had to ask. i’m proud to have folded with your team in this competition. What are you preparing for us in the nearby future regarding the Folding subject?

  • Hi Radu,

    well, Futuremark sent out all of the licenses by snail mail, and it happened that one of winners did not receive it… probably due to overload of the post office for Xmas… if you didn’t receive it, oyu should have pinged me earlier, and we would work on it.

    Sorry for this mishap, pinged Futuremark about your case as well. Same goes for all… I can’t personally check if somebody received his prize or not.

    when it comes to future of Folding@Home on our site, the whole team is now dedicated in bringing BSN site to life, and distributed computing will play a great role on the site.

    I plan for a community gathering in Croatia coming this summer, probably looking in late June/early July (so that everyone that wants – can come), and yes, there will be future giveaways that will be more user-friendly.

  • P.S. As of next week, I am going to bring some folding computers to the frame… I’ve been plagued by hard drive and PSU failures – two 4870X2, one Antec and three Seagate Barracudas (250GB ones, not the latest batch) died… 🙁

    All in different locations, so I wasn’t able to find the common denominator. 🙁

  • silvertuxx

    Well i did not received…so this means that…mine is not coming?…:( can’t we do something about it? please?…

  • Bloody hell… ok, anyone who did not receive his/her copy of 3DMark Vantage signed by Oliver Baltuch should contact me immediately.

    Retail boxes were sent out on December 27th, and some people did receive, some didn’t.

    Ping me at and we’ll sort it out asap.