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Win an 8.000 USD PC and parts by doing something good

Do you have five bucks to spare? If so, you could be in for a major treat if you decide to jump on charity action organized by SmoothCreations and TheTechLounge. The guys sat and organized Toys for Tots Raffle and Fundraiser. The goal of this charity auction is to raise money to purchase toys for the under-privileged children in North America.

The awards in this auction are really something special – hand-painted SmoothCreations PC gaming system and over 80 other prizes. Thus, investing $5 seems really worthwhile, and there are no limits. $100 would buy you 20 entries into the grand giveaway.

Sponsors participating in this charity auction
Sponsors participating in this charity auction

Personally, I am surprised to see the lack of reaction by colleagues in the US-based media, since this auction is really worth mentioning. After all, you’re doing something good. And it all lasted until I read rules of engagement – the auction is limited to legal residents in 50 states of United States of America and Canada (except Quebec). Thus, to all of North American readers, I would at least ask you to go and visit the Toys for Tots site, and check it out. To organizers – it might be a good idea to forego these daft limitations, because I would argue that there are people around the globe that would want to contribute.

Even though I am now based in Croatia, my US address and credit cards enabled me to donate for the cause. If I win anything, expect a giveaway on this blog 😉