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Download Windows 7 today!

Microsoft’s plan was simple: Steve Ballmer takes the CES keynote from Bill Gates, and all the guests receive a copy of Windows 7 Beta 1, followed by on-line distribution on Monday after CES (Jan 12, 2009). However, the moment Windows 7 B1 went into reproduction – ISO image was leaked online. And yes, it is quite a hit in the world of torrents.

Most popular sites like The Pirate Bay, isoHunt and ArenaBG are peaking with requests from users that are dying to see what Windows 7 is all about. Colleagues at ZDnet also didn’t stay astray; they downloaded the latest version (6.1.7000.0.081212-1400) as well, and posted a very detailed preview. Judging by their feedback, this beta is so stable that Microsoft does not need to work on W7 anymore. Given by sour taste left by Vista, I could not agree more. C’mon Microsoft, release this baby as soon as possible.

When it comes to release date, it seems that my sources were dead right and that this operating system is on track with release in August 2009, in time for Back to School. Will we see 22 and 24″ touch screens from Dell, HP and others in tandem with W7? That remains to be seen.

Oh right, if you want to download the beta version of Windows 7, you have to have bit-torrent client installed. Personally, I prefer to use µTorrent (microtorrent). Be warned, as with all beta software, I am not responsible if you mess up your computer in any way. But if you don’t have at least two partitions (dedicated one for the OS, other for data and apps), chances are that you are not the best candidate to evaluate beta software. 😉

  • tapper

    Have it like it. Much better than vista. It’s as stable as can be. It installed in about 10 mins and it set up a dule boot on it’s self with my vista 32 bit on raid 0 . The windows 7 was put on a sepret drive and it’s sweet as a nut.

  • Glad to hear… I will be posting my opinion soon, probably on Dec 31… Phenom II first preview coming today.

  • tapper

    Nice one theo i will look forword to that thanks

  • tapper

    Hey theo i just spotted that have the Asus Xonar Essence STX Sound Card for Pre-order
    it’s not cheap tho but it shud sound good

    here is the link
    I would love one of these babys lol

  • Eyvind Niklasson

    Wow that seems cool. Now if i only could download on my 64k (called broadband here!?!)

  • Well Doc, you definitely win the award for the weirdest place an award was ever sent on any giveaway in history of IT-focused websites.

    Ollie was thrilled to see that there are people in the computing world that are still competing in the challenge by doing something good. Anyways, hats off to you.

    If I had the money, I would send you a satellite link 😉

  • Eyvind Niklasson

    Actually the prize is being sent to my father, who is a Doc ;). Im not old enough to have a address to send to 🙂

  • Eyvind Niklasson

    Sorry for the double post, but just look at my last name 🙂 Niklas-son