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Galaxy’s 55nm GTX260 shows PALIT’s engineering skills and a new goal for the corporation

The world of graphics cards experienced a dash of fresh air with the appearance of PALIT on the global scene. This OEM giant has set his sights on retail/e-tail dominance, making strategic acquisitions. After acquiring Gainward, XPERTview and Galaxy, the stage was set for attack on other vendors.

This company boasts large number of engineers who specialize in creating custom designs for the numerous OEMs, and PALIT Multimedia itself is the largest manufacturer of Nvidia graphics cards. If you are wondering what’s up with this intro, the answer is quite simple. Back on Nvision 2008, we spoke with the Palit North American team and they shed us some light on the future of the company, and those conversations are now coming to life.

View of the custom card, courtesy of Expreview.com

View of the custom card, courtesy of Expreview.com

PALIT plans to offer a lot of custom designs onto the market for both ATI and Nvidia cards, and future designs will be geared towards price flexibility from one side and highest performance from another. The time for custom-time for building GTX260 1.8GB and GTX285 2GB cards is approaching, but that will not be the only change that is coming – PALIT paired up with Danger Den to create a special line of GPU cards, and that will include both ATI and Nvidia ones.

Palit mastered ATI with custom-built triple-slot Radeon  4870X2 (sold by Gainward and Palit), and the time has come for custom-designed Nvidia card with blue PCB, this time branded as Galaxy (Galaxy – blue, Gainward – red, Palit – all of the above 😉 ). You can expect a lot of custom designs for high-end cards as well, especially when GDDR5 takes over and enables PALIT to experiment with PCB layout even more (with GDDR3, your hands were tied). Besides PALIT, the only two companies that experiment with custom built high-end cards are ASUS and EVGA.

All in all, 2009 is looking to be a great year for enthusiasts, with some real unique products coming to market. We’re looking forward in seeing custom-design GTX285.