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ANNOUCEMENT: Bright Side of News teaser is online

The time has come to give you a glimpse of what almost 20 people are working on. For the past two months, a skilled team of experts from their respective fields is bringing our dream to life. That dream is simple: provide you, our respected readers – with the best possible information from the world of silicon.

IT industry is a disruptive one, and if there was one industry that completely changed the world, we’re living and working in it. We intend to bring you information from the world of IT and ICT, but not just through products, but through ways how to use the technology in the best possible way.


This teaser was shot using RED One camera and edited on our 8-core Mac Pro machines. We’re evaluating video hosting services at the moment, and the possibility of launching our own service is not excluded. Like we wrote previously, we want to provide you with seamless experience on your computers, cellphones, TVs and many more.

For starters, enjoy in this small teaser trailer at