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Dragon Naturally Speaking maker sign a deal with IBM, buys patents

DNS getting an injection of IBM patents...

DNS getting an injection of IBM patents...

Voice recognition is one of ways of the future. Personally, I view OCZ’s NIA with Brain Fingers technology and Dragon Naturally Speaking as two best possible products to accelerate our interaction with computers, given that the speed of thought is better than our fingers 😉

In that light, seeing that Nuance Communications (developers of Dragon Naturally Speaking) and IBM signed a “licensing and technical services agreement” is a great day for the speech recognition industry. This contract enables Nuance to access whole speech recognition patent portfolio from IBM. Given the fact that IBM was a pioneer in speech recognition technology and used to own Nuance, this deal is a positive course between “ex-couple” that IBM and Nuance are.

When the first product based upon IBM patents is released, Nuance will purchase speech-related patents from IBM. This way, Nuance got two years to enhance its own technology with IBM’s patent, and when the time comes, purchase all related patents and gain control over the speech-related technology.

We hope that Nuance will know how to start using GPUs for speech recognition, given the stream nature of the voice recognition patterns. 2011 can’t come soon enough for next-generation of Dragon Naturally Speaking. The time for talking to computers is coming 😉