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Testing, testing

It’s been one week since we launched the teaser trailer on the new site, Bright Side of News. We know it is choppy, since we’re doing worst case scenario (buffering sfw instead of streaming flv) in order to load the servers to the max…

From Friday morning until today, roughly 3000 people saw the trailer and made more than 25GB of traffic. Overall, we passed the 33GB mark. The plan is to load the full trailer week before the launch of the site, and that trailer will have our final versions of XML and streaming engines. That trailer will be followed with a push in order to see can our servers hold up the load. Ideally, I would like to have more than 1000 people streaming at the same time, but that test will probably only be possible after we launch the site.

Authors are working on content to be ready for the launch, and we plan to launch the site with a bang. We’re open for suggestions, and they’re welcomed. Not long now 🙂