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UPDATED: Diskeeper releases SSD optimization utility

Diskeeper is one of most popular disk defragmentation utilities out there. However, with the conventional hard drives setting themselves up for a fall from grace, makers of disk utilities have to reinvent themselves.

At the same time, SSDs aren’t exactly the “silver bullet” of storage, since these drives are subject to slowdowns as the time goes by. This was especially visible with MLC drives, which can be pretty darn slow (depends what NAND controller is being used), and your expensive investment can turn into a headache. You can thank this to the fact that operating systems aren’t optimized for SSD technology – W7 will be the first operating system that brings specialized read/write techniques for the SSD drives.

Thanks to tireless newshound Jan Loncik, I learned that there is a solution to that in a form of software called HyperFast. Diskeeper Corporation released an advanced SSD optimization utility that uses proprietary algorithms to optimize reading and writing on the SSD. Just like InvisiTasking technology inside Diskeeper utility for hard drives, HyperFast uses similar optimization techniques to cache the often used space in available system memory and optimize positioning of the data on NAND chips.

HyperFast is doing nothing else but helping the Windows OS to access the data on the SSD as soon as possible. In order to prove their claims, they took 8GB SSD from entry-level netbooks (we’re talking about slowest possible SSD) and simulated real world scenario, compressing six months of usage. The claimed result is 5.9x faster reads, 19.5x faster writes, 3.9x faster random reads and 9x faster random writes.

Claimed improvements on el cheapo SSDs for netbooks...

Claimed improvements on el cheapo SSDs for netbooks...

We will keep the opinion for ourselves until we get the opportunity to benchmark the drive in real world scenario, using different SSDs. But for all of you SSD owners out there, there is a utility that could help you out… the price of HyperFast is 25 bucks if you want to buy Diskeeper 2009.

UPDATE JAN 28. 2009, 9:20 PM CET: As you can read from the comments, we have received some interesting comments from competing companies. For optimizing operation of Solid State Disk drives, you can also try following links: SSD Tweaker (project at SourceForge). You’re also welcomed to try a trial version of Perfect Disk 10 Professional.