Memory & Storage Space

Passing 100K, glimpse into the background

Last night, this blog reached the 100.000 visitor mark (number of hits isn’t all that greater) and this milestone makes me feel proud. For the past two months, I had battled all sorts of personal and business challenges and I do admit that I reduced the blog to “one-story-a-day” policy. All of this was done in order to focus on launching Bright Side of News web portal, and the time of launch is approaching.

Since the beginning of this blog in mid-October of last year, I received numerous positive and negative comments about the blog and about myself (interesting to hear negative comments from people that probably even don’t know how I look like, yet alone who I am).

Sadly, you’re not reading stories from Bright Side of News, that originally was planned to debut today. As usually happens when Major Edward Aloysius Murphy, Jr. gets involved, we suffered a major setback last week, with two of five drives in RAID5 array went poof, loosing roughly five hours of processed video material. Tales of backup won’t go well this time, since working with RED One camera and 4096×2403 resolution footage really stresses our storage subsystems beyond the current archiving possibilities (REDCODE RAW Compression cuts 325MB/s to 28 MB/s aka 224 Mbps bit-rate – compare that to Blu-ray’s 2.4 MB/s aka 25 Mbps) , so we’ll look into how to solve that issue in the future. My thoughts are currently focused on evaluating rack storage, such as Thecus N8800 and pairing that with 2TB WD Green drives.

Video-wise, we decided to be very aggressive in deploying GPU transcoding (where we can deploy it) and the results of multi-pass renderings were such that our video streaming requirements will be quite interesting and ISP-friendly. We saw some interesting results and the change will be visible next week 😉

This puts a lot of stress on our originally planned launch date, and we already slipped by more than a week… but we’re looking to launch the site very soon. A lot of articles are already in the process of editing, and whole team hopes that you’ll like our effort. For the end of this piece, I would like to invite you to contact me at and provide personal insight in what you would like to see from a modern website that covers IT technology. Thanks for your patience.