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200th Story: AMD’s cybersquatter wants 7500 Euro for TFC domain

As you could have read in my previous post, The Foundry Company .com domain was cybersquatted by AMD’s new name for The Foundry Company is AMD Global Foundry.

If you’re wondering who is and why the company does not sell Nigerian make-money-fast schemes, the fact of the matter is that Sedo is a serious company – at least they’re trying to get you to believe that. According to their own website, Sedo: “employs close to 180 employees from 25 countries at the offices in London (UK), Cologne (Germany) and Boston (USA). Sedo has brokered some of the industry’s most important sales over the last five years, including,, and”

Mr. Sedo Cybersquatter, for the last time, MAD AMD is not Dubai, it's ABU DHABI!

Mr. Sedo Cybersquatter, for the last time, MAD AMD is not Dubai, it's ABU DHABI!

To make things absolutely clear, Sedo is just a domain reseller for the domains somebody cybersquatted. We won’t go into details who from Sedo (or their customer) cybersquatted , but the fact of the matter is that they’ve enlisted themselves in a potentially dangerous legal situation. We contacted with an interest to purchase The Foundry Company .com domain and got the following answer:

“Unfortunately your offer is too low and cannot be accepted! Please submit an offer above the seller’s minimum price of: 7500 EUR.”

So, AMD’s Marketing/Legal/Public Relations division made a $10 save by not reserving domain and now they won’t pony up 7500 Euro for “first come, first served” domain registration. If AMD was saving cash, the company should have known that there are sites that offer free .com domain registrations (you just have to endure ads for male enhancement pills).

All in all, sad affair for company that is now splitting in two.

P.S. At the time of writing, wasn’t registered. We wonder is AMD now waiting that somebody cybersquats them again 😉