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Nintendo ships 150 million current-gen gaming systems, sells 147 Million

This week will be remembered in the halls of Nintendo HQ in Kyoto, Japan. The company received all the parts necessary for building the 50th million Wii console, as AMD proudly mentioned in their press release, and shipped 100th million Nintendo DS. When we take into account that DS sold 99.51 million units, while 47.72 million purchased a Wii console, and it is clear that the month of March will mark sale of Nintendo DS #100.000.000, while Wii #50.000.000 will have to wait until April or May.

It would be really cool if the company would put special markings on these gaming systems, and sell them to the unexpected owner, making up for another PR stunt. But given the Nintendo way, we doubt this will happen. Sony and Microsoft were more likely candidates for such a promotion. This achievement puts Nintendo firmly on #1 spot as, followed by Sony with its 45.86 million PSP and 20.88 million PS3 units. Even if we count all the PS2 consoles sold from the introduction of Microsoft Xbox 360 onwards (first next-gen console to launch), Sony cannot over take Nintendo – since 2005, Sony sold 30.2 million PS2 consoles.

Nintendo consoles are the kings of the digital entertainment hill...

Nintendo consoles are the kings of the digital entertainment hill...

Table for current-gen hardware sales is as follows:
1)    Nintendo – 147.23M
2)    Sony – 66.74M
3)    Microsoft – 29.01M

This is a majestic feat, Nintendo owns 60.5% of overall current-gen gaming systems, Sony holds a 27.4% share, while Microsoft sells only the home version, and takes in 12.1% of the overall market.

If Sony didn’t mess up with the dual-Cell design and had Nvidia on the side from day one, if Microsoft held to x86 console architecture of the first Xbox, kept binary compatibility and didn’t rip its own customers by overall savings that resulted in Red Rings of Death, if this, if that… and if only Nintendo didn’t made such fantastic “essence of gaming” products, this table would look different.

But for this generation, Nintendo is the King. And that fake Wired interview has a glimpse of truth – Nintendo certainly chew Microsoft to an “also-ran” category. What a twist of fate.