SuperTalent joins the USB Bling-Bling crowd

Throughout the last couple of years, we witnessed a rise in the spectrum of computer designs targeting woman. But while some co-operations were nothing else but selling the cheapest component in a shiny package and calling it “designer’s product”. Examples such as Philips-Swarovski cooperation come ti mind first – or how to sell a 1GB USB stick to woman, while at the same time offer 32x higher capacity plain-vanilla looking models?

SuperTalent decided that there is plenty of girls amongst computer enthusiast crowd, and from other side, even fashionable aware ladies want to carry their digital stuff around. Enter Pico_C USB drive. This model is available in various capacities, but we expect 8GB and 16GB models to be the top sellers. Now, this stick would not be anything special if there wasn’t for the fact that SuperTalent took a metallic casing and covered it in Gold. Bling*Bling effect guaranteed ;)

16GB capacity, Gold-plated, Bling*Bling effect... now, where's that cap for this drive? ;)

16GB capacity, Gold-plated, Bling*Bling effect… now, where’s that cap for this drive? ;)

Guys remember, if you want to get your girfried this one, and get her to wear it, just take this stick, put some nice pictures on it and hand it over (don’t handover an empty drive, put a little soul into it). If you’re girl – you’ll be the best judge of Pico_C. ;)