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BSN* launch delay… but not for long

Into each life some rain must fall… these ethernal words came true last night for more than 15 members of project BSN*. As you probably read in the story published here, we planned to launch Bright Side of News on March 15, 2009 at 23:59 CET. The campaign was a consequence of deadlines given to me by the lead programmer, who was supposed to deliver the site on March 4, 2009.

The problem? BSN* Live CMS. Our idea is to offer a evolutionary, Facebook/Twitter-like experience in the world of CMS and offer it to the world once our teethering issues are all sorted out. After four months our of development, development team did not produce workable, W3C-compliant site engine. They are getting there, though 😉

We are now working on squashing bugs and proofing site rendering on all major operating systems. Every time you want to do something extra, you have obstacles to overcome. Sadly, this first obstacle cost us a day or two in deployment, but nothing is lost. As soon as front-end is sorted, you’ll be welcomed by the new site on the Bright Side of News domain.

Every birth is difficult, and if you’re giving birth to something really special, we have to overcome these difficulties. A little patience, not long now. We are working hard on launching the site during this week.