Global Foundries gets ready to take 32nm orders in Q4


GlobalFoundries just announced that the company is preparing for 32nm orders and that it should begin accepting designs for 32nm chips by the fourth quarter of this year. Current goal is to have the products shipping by early 2010.

This is slightly behind Intel who plans 32nm silicon to be in consumers hands before the end of the year, but still a major improvement for the new entity. Traditionally, AMD followed behind Intel anywhere between 9-16 months later – this announcement puts “AMD” in 3-6 months delay. Given Intel’s engineering and financial backing, it is clear that ATIC/Mubadala-backed chip maker could make serious impact on the contract foundry market. When it comes to Intel, the chip giant’s 32nm roadmap is out for quite some time and the company already demonstrated its 32nm chips. 32nm Nehalem processor is as part of its “Tick-Tock” development process.

The 32nm delay for GlobalFoundries may be turned into a win if they can beat TSMC [Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company], their chief rival as a manufacturing foundry. As it stands now, TSMC should be ready by the end of 2009 – but with the rumored issues surrounding current leakage in the 40nm process are true, 32nm might have to be pushed back until 2010. If this happens and GlobalFoundries get their bulk processing in order – they stand to grab a nice chunk of the 32nm market while TSMC recovers.