Blog hits 150K mark, BSN* passes 10K mark & issues update

Looking at the blog today, I felt warm at heart: since its launch on October 15th, 2008, this blog clocked 150,000 unique visitors and got as high as 369,267 rank on Alexa and 321,068 on Quantcast. For a tiny blog written by a single person, I could not be happier.

At the same time, similar thing happened on the new site… we clocked more than 10,000 visitors in mere days after the launch, even with all the issues that happened with our provider – DNS resolve issue, e-mail server issues and so on. But now, things are getting on track and we should be out of the woods, as far as our server is concerned.

Lack of updates in the past several days was mostly due to issues that happened on BSN*. Will amend this weekend 😉 I am also pretty active on Twitter, so you’re welcome to follow me and comment on stories – .

  • BIGMercenary

    Good job, but no matter what I do I can’t log in to the site. I tried creating a separate account with another email address and hit the same wall with both.

  • We had an issue…. resolved now. That’s the reason why the site is in beta… given our future plans, we had to go large at some elements, and we’re getting them into frame…

    I would advise to do a clear cache and clear authenticated sessions… btw, what browser are you using…

  • BIGMercenary

    Will do, and I’m using Firefox.

  • tapper

    Hi same for me i got my email and the link dont work. And plees wen you next update the site can you label the news heddings it will make it better for screenreders. as it is i have to jump to a table and aero all the way doun to get to the storeys. you dont need to change the layout just label them as heddings. thanks tapper

  • BIGMercenary

    I went ahead and registered under a different name and alternate email address, but at least I’m in. 😀

  • Well – we fixed that by manually activating all of the accounts – thanks for your effort and welcome 😉

  • tapper

    and what about the screen reeder thing? or dont you cair!

  • Hi Tapper, my hosting service unilateraly shut down the site due to their server overload, thus we are victims of our own success.

    They shut down the site without any previous warning – version 1.0 of the site will be screen reader-friendly, but we are facing a larger battle here.

    We have switched to a dedicated server, and now it is a case in point of returning online.