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Asetek hires new VP to handle manufacturing efforts

If you’re a hardware enthusiast, you’ll have a soft spot for once small Danish manufacturing company that built VapoChill cases, enabling us to freeze the CPUs to -40 or even -50 degrees Celsius.  The company decided to focus on its own LCLC [Low Cost Liquid Cooling] part that ended up in HP Blackbird and Firebird, recently recalled Acer Predators, and numerous systems worldwide.

But, the Achilles’ heel of Asetek has always been manufacturing. Back in 2005, the company released VapoChill Micro, brilliant light CPU cooler that demolished old-time heavyweights such as Zalman CNPS9500Cu and the rest of the market. Only problem was that Asetek could not manufacture the cooler in large numbers and huge backlog meant that the company had to abandon the product line.

With Alex Tang, things should change for the best. We heard about Alex a while back, and he is a very capable individual. Time will tell can he do his magic in Asetek as well.

But one thing is certain – we would love to see more retail LCLC systems, since this water-cooling setup goes to OEMs for less than $30. Currently, only Puget Custom Systems carry the part for $64. More manufacturing capabilities and we could see this setup in sub-50 range and that could eat up a lot of high end coolers whose weight can ultimately lead to motherboard’s demise [no, there is no motherboard out there that is designed to have 1 kilo+ cooler mounted on CPU socket, Ed.].