New York Mets adopt stadium-wide HD system

If you ever wondered what equipment is being used for broadcasting HD coverage of sports events, one of options is Ross Video Vision QMD/X switchers plus SMS [SoftMetal Video Server]. Thus, we are not surprised to hear that New York Mets decided to use the move to the new Citi Field stadium and deploy a native future-proof HD studio.

Looks confusing?Citi Field is a new ball park, hosting 42,000 fans and it is not surprising that this was an ideal opportunity to deploy HD cameras stadium-wide. Citi Field HD Control Room is currently being wrapped up and it will go into action end of next week, for the debut game between New York Mets and Boston Red Sox [April 3-4].

Hardware deployed enables installation of up to 96 multi-def cameras, so the new stadium will bring you all the joys of baseball through almost 100 different angles.

Stadium can handle future cameras as well, so the team is not limited to HD resolution. As we all know, 720p and 1080p HD is just the beginning.

If you’re into baseball, now you know that Mets can provide almost limitless HD coverage. Sadly for Mets, not a single member of BSN* is interested in the sport of baseball… our American editors and journalists were inflicted with the smell of petrol from early years onwards… but we are interested in seeing how this broadcast studio will pan out.