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INTRODUCING: Bright Audio Labs

Dear readers, welcome to Bright Audio Labs. My name is Tom and our Ed-in-Chief has positioned me to be in charge of running the audio lab. In the world of audio computing, my credentials are fairly straightforward – I’ve been making and testing audio computers for almost nine years. Besides creating audio computing systems, I’ve worked on sound for the largest clubs around the world, leading me to places ranging from Croatia to Australia and Canada, including clubs such as Privilege in Ibiza, Spain. Now, I will bring my experience in articles written exclusively for BSN*.

When it comes to our articles, you are probably wondering what is going to be so special and different from other review sites when it comes to audio testing. The difference is simply our approach to the testing methodology. Every audio product will be tested on a minimum of two operating systems (32 and 64 Bit), ASIO drivers [Audio Stream Input/Output, Steinberg’s digital audio protocol] and internal routing tested through minimum 2 DAWs [Digital Audio Workstation] and a specialty of our site: Real World Night Club test. The testing methodology will be updated through communication with readers and manufacturers. If you believe we can improve our methods, please contact me directly.

Bright Audio Labs are spread across several locations. Our first location is in my home studio equipped with following components:

  • Custom-built Krell A Class amplifier
  •  "flat line" Audio Bells near field studio monitors for listening purposes
  • Two Intel and one AMD based machine. First test bed is:
    • Intel Core 2 Duo E6400, GigaByte P35, 2 GB DDR2-800 memory, RAID1 with 2x Hitachi 500GB
    • Intel Core i7 EE 965, Intel DX58SO, 3GB DDR3-1333, WD Raptor 150GB
    • AMD Phenom II 940, ASUS 790GX, 2GB DDR2-1066 memory, WD Caviar RE 500GB

Night Club SIRUP, Zagreb, Croatia

Night Club SIRUP, Zagreb, Croatia

Second location is Night Club "SIRUP" in Zagreb, Croatia. There is no better way to test any equipment than in their natural environment :-).
SIRUP features following sound specifications:
Martin and Crest Audio sound and visual management systemsFour Martin Audio LE1500 (Hi-Mid) monitors on the main floor
Two Martin Audio WS218X Basses under the stage
Two Martin Audio F15 (Full Range) for DJ booth
Two Martin Audio AQ 12 (Full Range) for the rest of the Club
All speakers are controlled via XTA DP446 Audio Management System.
Power amps are not listed because we are currently changing them frequently (until we find the perfect set up).

DJ equipment is built upon world standard components:
–    Allen & Heath Xone 92
–    Pioneer DJM 800 mixers
–    2x Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3 CD players
–    Technics SL1200 MK2 turntables

The sound in the Club is measured in real time using Core 2 Duo-based laptop with MOTU Traveler FireWire sound card and an AKG mic. This way, we can correct any sound imperfections caused by different DJ equipment and it’s perfect for testing and measuring.

All DJ set ups and audio production will be explained in our upcoming tutorial series HOW TO BECOME AN AUDIO PRODUCER, DJ, and How to build an Audio Studio…  we will be collaborating with known DJs to bring you the best possible information.

Depending on the product type, we will review the part either in one or on both currently available Labs. We strongly believe that by testing parts in these conditions, we will be able to give you evaluation from the perspective of both home studio and a night club. We will put special accent on testing the latest consumer sound equipment, such as audio cards and speakers

Also, we’re going to introduce various locations for testing including the audio production studios of guest reviewers. You can expect lots of guests and surprises in the upcoming months. At the end of this introduction we hope that you get the picture of what our goal is – a happy end user and a place to share knowledge.

Meet Bright Audio Labs – A place where experience and knowledge meet the latest audio equipment. We hope that you’ll enjoy the ride and talk with us to improve the products we all came to love – through the magic of sound.

Tom Petris, Audio Guru, Bright Side of News

Tom Petris, Audio Guru, Bright Audio Labs