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Palit leaves North American market, but its sub-brands are preparing an attack


When asked about Palit Multimedia, most folk will say "just another retail manufacturer", "are they sticker stampers?" and will have no idea about the size or scope of the company. What makes things really interesting is that Palit is one of largest graphics card manufacturers in the world, and according to information we have, largest manufacturer of nVidia graphics cards.

If you bought a card under one of the other brands, there is a pretty good chance that you have Palit’s card with a sticker stamped all over it.
According to our sources, Palit Microsystems tried to do is enter a demanding US market without setting up a true retail operation and formed a sub-brand Palit Multimedia. At the same time, Palit owns Gainward, Galaxy and XpertVision, well-established companies in their targeted markets.

Palit's line-up in US is getting a rebrand... Deluxe becomes Golden Sample

Palit’s line-up in US is getting a rebrand… Deluxe becomes Golden Sample

If you live in the N.A. region of the world, you’ll be interested to learn that Gainward now is planning its attack, and if their strategy succeeds, you can expect Galaxy to enter the mainstream part of the market.

This time around, Palit knows that they have to do in order to build a complete organization with dedicated support teams that can aid users when they need help most, and continue to build non-reference products. All we know is that the N.A .market lost one brand, but is getting one or even two more. One thing is certain – innovative products such as the triple-slot R700, Quad DisplayPort graphics cards and so on will continue its availability in US, albeit now in a different box.

Frog’s gone.