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New EVEREST update brings on GPU, GPGPU improvements


One of our favorite system utilities and benchmarks received its first update for the fifth generation of code. Under the version 5.01, Lavalys brought a lot of improvements to the code. Most of the updates were a direct result of user feedback, such as support for eight graphics cards in the Hardware Monitoring module.

GPGPU support now includes ATI Stream v1.4 API, while the support for graphics cards now includes new Mobility Radeon 4570 and latest batch of nVidia’s rebrands: GT 140 & GTS 250. Our residential Mobile Guru was very happy with the inclusion of support for VIA Nano CPU and VX800 chipset.

As the old saying goes – with every new feature, the number of bugs raises exponentially and Everest is no exception. Tamas and his team managed to squash several bugs in the Thermal Monitoring module, such as fixing the diode temperature measurement on 65nm AMD K8 and EIST-capable Intel processors.

You can download trial version of Everest v5.01 if you click here.