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BlackBerry AppStore opens – The official BlackBerry App World


Why it always takes somebody else to kick the inventor in the behind to get him going?

Research In Motion Ltd, makers of Blackberry finally opened their on-line store where you can buy applications for your BlackBerry Smartphone – even though that Blackberry Help! served as an AppStore long before Apple came to the market? The same thing happened with Club Nokia in Europe, but oh well, good to see oldtimers waking up and delivering services which they should have delivered – years ago.

These are good news for the Blackberry users, because aforementioned Blackberry Help! already features many interesting apps and we should expect to see exponential growth in the numbers of available apps.

To get started just download BlackBerry App World from your computer or using OTA [Over-The-Air] on your BlackBerry smartphone and then start personalizing your BlackBerry Smartphone with games, social networking, online shopping, personal productivity, organization tools and other fun and functional apps. Just like the Blackberry Help! service, some of those apps are free of charge, and for the ones that are not free, you will need a PayPal account to make the purchase.

Sadly for Blackberry, most of the applications you can find there today are the ones that have existed for years: Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and many more. However, BlackBerry App World also offers significantly better conditions for application developers, as RIM will only takes 20% from the sales (Apple takes 30% from sales), and the rest of the money, 80%, is goes to the app developer. Also, the company did say that it will be very relaxed with the content rules, the very same ones that limit many developers on the Apple platform.