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Fujitsu Siemens Computer is dead, Fujitsu AG lives on

Fujitsu Siemens Computer AG was an interesting company. This EMEA-based manufacturer insisted on manufacturing its motherboards in Augsburg, Germany, and got screwed by Tom’s Hardware when the site used their sensor-less prototype retail motherboard as a demonstration that AMD’s CPUs like to burn, instead of using a retail motherboard with thermal sensors switched on (as a consequence, FSC didn’t enter the retail market), but it also created some very impressive products.

The company created several impressive notebook workstations that offered more than 10 hours of battery life and yet, not a lot of people noticed. A good example of a brilliant product that flew below the radar was Celsus H, the world’s first quad-core notebook, that came with enterprise-class SSDs and an extra battery that would take the device to 11 hours of autonomy, offering the speed unmatched by desktops of the time.

As of April 1st, 2009 the JV between Fujitsu and Siemens AG has ended. As of today, Fujitsu AG takes the complete FSC line-up and it will be interesting to see whether Fujitsu will "wake up" and attack HP, Dell, IBM and the rising stars from the Far East, Acer and ASUS. To survive in troubled times, one must adopt SunTzu’s philosophy described in his famous book, the Art of War.