Share your torrents on Facebook

The Pirate Bay just added a function to share either your torrents or torrents that you want to download with your friends on the Facebook. Will this be a next best thing that man invented since he invented fire or just another useless thing? We’ll just have to wait and see.

In this world where we share all our things, well most of our things, and with the ever growing on-line population on Facebook, it was just a matter of time for us to begin to share our torrents. So now you can send a torrent of your favorite music album, series, movies, book even a weird porn that only you watch to your face friends, or you can make it a private and send it to just one friend (if you don’t want for your wife, boyfriend, mother-in-law… to see it :P).

Sharing is easy, just one click and you're done...

Sharing is easy, just one click and you’re done…

The problem of introducing this service is that once that you put something you did on the Internet, it tends to stick, regardless of you trying it to hide or now. But in any case, this service is pretty interestng. So for all of you, who like to share, well what else to say other than be our guest and try it.