Technology Security

Detect and get rid of Conficker for free

If you want to know whether you are infected with the Conficker virus, German colleagues at Heise Online came up with a very simple way – all you need to do is load Conficker Browsercheck site, and if you see all of the icons, you’re safe.

But, if you are already infected with Conflicker, the good news is that the tool for removing this vicious pest can be downloaded from BitDefender’s pages free of charge.

With this tool IT Admins can completely remove this worm from one place on server, and with that the possibility of worm reinfection through network is avoided. You can also take a look on Conficker Removal video on Youtube.

We have already addressed the issue of Conficker and his "buddy", psyb0t. Bear in mind that this can happen to anyone, as one of our contributors realised after viewing this story in our CMS. He can verify that the method of detection and cleaning described above works.