Croatian-Slovenian border dispute becomes a game

EU-member state Slovenia recently blocked all negotiations for EU-candidate Croatia over a border dispute. This bickering has turned into an economical issue, with the larger Croatian market silently boycotting Slovenian products. Then, a Slovenian newspaper made an online game; The Pirates of the Piran Bay.

The Slovenian daily newspaper Delo said that they launched this game to lighten up this political tension between two countries. The story is placed in the year 1713, and the modern prime ministers, who lead their nations in this century, are dressed as pirates (PM of Croatia Sanader in Red, and PM of Slovenia Pahor in Brown); Pahor has a EU-holster in his belt, and the Croatian PM is without any weapon. So two prime ministers are presented as heroes of the great sea battle in which two Marine Powers and ex-allies are battling for advantage in the Piran Bay (Croatian term) / Savudrian Bay (Slovenian term).

For playing the game you need only Adobe Flash and get the party started. The players need first to pick a side, if they want to be a "brave Capitan Pahor" or a "charming Capitan Sanader". After that the fields in which they need to put their four or five pirate ships (Pahor’s fleet is bigger, of course) are opened. The winner is the one who sinks all enemy ships in less time. During the game the capitans are throwing funny observations like "Ne diraj u osinje gnijezdo" [don’t touch the hornet’s nest – Ed.], "Ne blokiraj NATO" [don’t block NATO – allusion to Croatian entry into NATO, unsuccesfuly blocked by Slovenia – Croatia entered NATO pact earlier today].

The editors of most respectable Slovenian newspaper are promising the rewards once a week to the most successful players (t-shirts with their logo) and given by the current results, most of the awards will end up in Croatia anyways. At the end of the day, our take is that all of this was completely unecessary, but what can you do – Croatia is a country where Croatian police is arresting people who say something not so nice about PM on Facebook and Slovenia is too small for those comments anyways. After all, you can go through that country on reserve tank of fuel [tried and tested – Mercedes E270 CDI, Ed.].