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YouTube player Muziic passes 1 Million downloads


A 15-year-old programming whiz from Iowa and his father created the world’s first YouTube music player, after taking the most of 2008 to develop the application.

Muziic Player looks and works like iTunes, taking advantage of the content ID software built into YouTube to detect video submissions not supported by YouTube’s contracts for removal. This also allows for compensation of artists and record labels that do hold contracts with YouTube. Unfortunately for the UK and from today German users, YouTube’s withdrawal of music videos from the UK and German site after a failure to reach a new licensing agreement, applies to the Muziic Player as well, meaning users from the UK and Germany may be unable to view certain content with the player. For unfortunate users that are suffering this limitation, we would advise to use anonymous surfing proxy such as Anonymizer. Yes, we just advised you how to avoid the Great Firewall of Britain and the Grosse Deutsch Feuer-mauer [broken German translation].

Mark and David work together on creating YouTube magic...

Listening to YouTube music videos is sometimes a more pleasant experience than listening to online radio or even your own MP3 player. We downloaded the Muziic player and checked it out, and we must admit that it is quite an impressive piece of software. Now you can watch all your favorite clips, make and save a playlist for later listening/watching. The whole process is very simple, just start the Music player, and enter in the search field a name of the song you want to watch/listen.

All in all, this application brings the relationship between a father and a son to a complete new level. We wonder when are we going to see experts on national TV stop dissing computing and start discussing that the programming skills are passable from one generation to another?