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Age of Conan finally gets a free trial, about time

Players of Funcom’s notoriously weak MMO Age of Conan have finally gained a free trial option. Funcom, Fileplanet and Ausgamers have teamed up to give them this option.

"This is the chance to experience the brutal, savage and sexy world of Conan where you can live, fight and explore in the world of Hyboria together with thousands of people from across the globe." As we can see from their free trial promotion Funcom still claims that Age of Conan is a brutal, savage and sexy world despite the fact it is neither savage nor sexy or an good representation of Hyboria in any shape or form. Age of Conan turned out to be a just a bit bloodier Guild Wars knockoff and its world is a sordid junkpile of meshed together instance zones. Even though Funcom fired its lead producer, we still feel that this game is far off from deserving a "Mature" rating that the game was boasting.

Luckily, thanks to this free trial potential new players or old ones that do not wish to spend money to see whether the game is any good or its current state, can check it out without throwing their money into the virtual toilet. The free trial version of game can be downloaded from FilePlanet and Ausgamers and gives seven to fourteen days of gametime. By joining the Trial you will automatically be entered to win 1 of 10 Lifetime Account cards and 1 year accounts for Age of Conan. If you decide that spending time to download the free client is worth it, check it out.