Google Health teams up with CVS, pharmacy & medical history now online

CVS, one of the largest pharmacy chains in the USA announced that it signed a partnership with Google Health. That step allows about 100 million Americans to import their full prescription and medical histories in to GH.

This sounds very promising, the possibility to quickly look up patient’s previous and current medication (ab) uses. Especially when it’s known how many people of every age are currently on some kind of medication. Also, people have tendencies to forget what medications did they take (especially if it was some generic drug), and of course some people lie about what they have been taking. So having a list of all your medications all in one place ranging from the pharmacies you shop at, helps your doctor, pharmacist and other care providers do a better job of taking care of you and maybe even save your life (1.5 million  Americans a year are harmed by dangerous medication interactions).

There are still some serious issues and problems(like privacy issues), but they are being solved as we speak. At the end of the day, the question is should you allow Google to host all of your medical records and then sell statistics to advertising and pharmaceutical companies. Then again, how many Americans use Gmail, write blogs on Blogspot or store pictures on Picasa?