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iPhone 3.5G and iPod touch to feature 3.2 and 5 MPixel cameras?

While Apple’s iPhone achieved excellent sales results, one of most criticized features was its appalling picture quality with 2MPix camera, but with the next iPhone and iPod touch versions coming in the near future, that could be corrected. Finally.

DigiTimes received information that OmniVision received a large order from Apple. The ordered product was no other than CMOS image sensors, with active 3.2 MPixel – resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. The question now is – will these sensors end up in the upcoming iPhone, followed by iPod touch, expected to debut on June 8-12 in San Francisco, during the opening keynote of Apple’s WWDC [World-Wide Developer Conference]? New iPhone/iPod users should keep their fingers crossed.

The interesting tidbit in this news was that Apple didn’t order just the 3.2 Mpixel CMOS sensors. According to the available information, OmniVision also received an order to deliver 5 MPixel sensors but it is not known for what kind of devices it is intended.

Could it be that actually, Apple is refocusing their own product line – with iPhone 3.5G featuring a 3.2 MPixel camera and serving as a phone, and re-launch iPod touch with a five MegaPixel camera, and going for the digital camera market? With a capacity of 16, 32 and probably 64 GB, the iPod touch could re-open the camera market.