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Lost in Electric Town: Akihabara Denki Gai video

Akihabara Denki Gai [Electric Town] is a fascinating place for anyone who ever encountered the world of electronics. If you want the latest camera, or perhaps a cellphone with more features than you can shake your stick at… or if you belong to the small exclusive world of hardware modders and want to get the best capacitors, chokes and resistors for serious volt modding – Akihabara is a place for you.

This is our first travel video, we plan to release many more, as our schedule starts to fill with events…



Sadly, the Yen is continuing its "too strong" rate compared to the US Dollar, so Tokyo isn’t any more affordable than usual [unlike the current state of the British Pound, meaning that even Macs are the cheapest in Europe], but if you want an experience of a lifetime, you might re-consider where do you plan on spending your holidays this year. Akihabara alone deserves at least one day.