Is D-roll the laptop of the future?


We know that there are notebooks and netbooks and their dimensions are becoming smaller and smaller as we speak, but seriously for most of the people – those display sizes are just too small for normal work. Their purpose is mainly for quickie surfing, opening documents etc., but they’re not in line with the extensive work of the multi-tasking generation. We want Photoshop, videos, photography, all social networks in one bang… thus, would it be nice to have a laptop with HD-capable display, which you can roll like toilet paper after using. After seeing the concept pictures of D-roll, a design concept made by young artist Hao Hua – we believe it should be done.

D-roll is the name of this new generation laptop and the future how Hao Huo sees it. He was obviously inspired with tubes that are used by artist or architects for keeping their works. The display and keyboard (ergonomic) are flexible and can be easily pulled from the tube, while USB connectors are placed on the straps. The laptop is equipped with a web camera that you can put on your wrist or laptop itself. D-roll also has a very innovative cooling system which is able to create air flow to cool the computer inside out.

Will this be the computer of the future? We don’t know, but it sure looks promising 😉 Now, if only Samsung and Philips would be so nice and make that breakthrough in flexible OLED screens…