The whole Internet is a train… a Tokyo one

Information Architects is a respectable web-site in the world of architecture… but, members of iA are also known for their Web Trend Map, described as the "ultimate form of geekness". We would actually disagree with this explanation, and rather state that this is a really good overview of 333 most popular sites on the Internet and that it is the ultimate form of trend-awareness. The project is now in its fourth year, and the WTM4 is going into print this coming Friday.

But, the authors already published a beta version of it, so that they could generate feedback and fix any omissions before it hits the print-shop.  A lively discussion is already taking place, so you might want to tune in and help the authors to fix any mistakes…

The PNG file is in 6740×4768 resolution, thus you would need more than a 4K display to be able to see the map in its full glory, at 100% size. This is also the print resolution of the whole file, so you can see the details visible on the whole map.

The Web Trend Map is limited to a 1000 piece run, so if you consider getting this to someone for birthday [or your own], make sure you reserve it.

If you want to transport yourself [virtually] to Akihabara, look for TED, one station below flicker.