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ConvoTrack ? latest addition to the social networking craze

If you are tired from the amount of websites and applications that are bombing the social networking space, there is a way for avoiding visiting all those pages or installing those apps. Why not try to find something written about "wanted" site or article. From one side, its an ideal tool for webmasters and bloggers, from another – it is just convenient.

For instance, if you have a widescreen display and visit a non-widescreen adjusted site, ConvoTrack won’t change your browsing experience, but rather decrease at boring whiteness or blackness on the background.

ConvoTrack as seen from a screen resolution of 675 pixels [Daniela, you're getting crazy with your netbook. Ed.]
ConvoTrack as seen from a screen resolution of 676 pixels [Daniela, you’re getting crazy with your netbook. Ed.]

There are several ways to install ConvoTrack, with the easiest being by simply dragging it to the browser toolbar. If you are using Internet Explo[d/r]er then right-click on ConvoTrack and choose "Add to Favorites", followed by "Create in: Links". There is a more direct possibility – just send a link with preloaded sidebar to your friends who don’t have this "bookmarklet" installed. Just add to any URL [example:]. If you own a website/blog or have access to site’s administration, you can integrate a small script to your page and add a button in order to allow your visitors to follow conversations throughout social networks in just one click.

A man responsible for development of this useful tool can be followed on Twitter [where else? Ed.]  or via the conventional site "Improving The Web".